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We ask all our pets coming in for a spa bath to check in anytime between 8:30am-10am.  Once they are checked in to the spa, they will experience a day of play and relaxation as our fully trained hotel staff will give your pet a spa bath massaging their muscles as they lather them up.  They will receive a deep fur conditioning, a fluffy blowout, a manicure/pedicure (without the polish) and have their ears cleaned.  Please specify if a medicated or special shampoo is requested.

*Medicated and Flea Bath additional charge

Proof of vaccination required. (Rabies, Distemper, Bordatella and Annual Exam within the year)

hotel baths

We ask all our pets coming in for a grooming to check in anytime between 8:30am-10am.  Full service trimming, grooming and bathing is available while your pet is vacationing with us or for just the day. Our experienced full time groomers, Maurizio, Theresa and Eileen, have been working in the field for over 10 years each.  Their expertise and skill in grooming canines and felines is unmatched.  Our team will create a luxury spa experience for your pet using only the highest quality products. We give your pet a Spa Bath, massaging as they are bathed, Professional Cut and Fluffy Blow Out while listening to music and relaxing at the hotel.


Proof of vaccination required. (Rabies, Distemper, Bordatella and Annual Exam within the year)



Up to 10 lbs. -$69 + tax

From 11-25 lbs. - $73 + tax

From 26-50 lbs. - $83 + tax

From 51-75 lbs. - $108 + tax

From 76 -99lbs. - $135 + tax

Over 100 lbs. - $145 + tax

Additional $10 + tax for Teeth Brushing


Unfortunately at this time we are no longer grooming felines

Dental Scalling


No Anesthesia

We are now offering a Dental Maintenance program at the Paw Seasons Hotel and Day Spa at a cost of $245.


Maurizio has perfected his skills and has effectively mastered scaling and polishing without the need for anesthesia.  Using the same tools that your dental hygienist uses, your pet’s teeth will be scaled by hand then again with an ultrasonic machine, finishing with a tasty dog friendly toothpaste polishing.


No Anesthesia

This maintenance program can be done once a year to keep your pet’s mouth healthy from harmful bacteria which can decay teeth in between your pet’s major dental procedures performed by your veterinarian.  


***Please note that senior pets, animals with a history of illness or severely anxious dogs may not be candidates for this service


agility training


We are happy to offer a private agility program designed individually for your dog’s needs.  Our training specialist, Tami, will have a one on one with your pet in our outdoor runs working with commands, exercise and positive reinforcement.


Reservation required and proof of vaccinations must be submitted.


Agility will fulfill your dog’s natural instincts

In the wild, dogs are natural hunters, chasing and running after a variety of prey. While in pursuit of food, dogs must often follow rabbits and foxes through a forest and navigate through a variety of barriers. Their natural instincts involve jumping over fallen logs, climbing up steep slopes, and squeezing through bushes and vegetation. Since the end goal is to catch up with prey, time is of the essence and the faster a dog runs, the better their chances of ending up with a satisfying meal. Agility courses are designed to mimic these types of natural scenarios and fulfill the hunting and chasing desires of your dog.

Agility is great exercise for your dog
Agility is a great way to get rid of your dog’s excess energy. Running through a course that involves passing over and through a variety of obstacles will challenge your dog’s mind and body. Involving your dog in agility will help to strengthen his muscles, improve coordination, keep him fit, and increase endurance.

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