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We will be suspending overnight boarding after 2/28/22 until further notice DAYBOARDING, GROOMING AND SPA BATHS STILL AVAILABLE

About Us

Fully enclosed building with six outdoor exercise areas.


Adjoins a full service Animal Hospital.


State of the art heating and air conditioning units for all-season comfort with UV purification system.


Antibacterial and disinfectant washes are used to keep the area pristine.


A thorough admission check-in will help promote a parasite free environment. Therefore, we ask you to be patient and allow a minimum of 20 minutes for check-in.


Security cameras inside and out will aid in keeping all of our guests safe.


We have two large indoor playrooms for individualized playtime on rainy days, one for small breeds and one for large breeds.


Only family members will be put together for playtime.

The PAW SEASONS HOTEL & DAY SPA provides the cleanest, most luxurious boarding facilities for your loved ones. Completely rebuilt in 2008, we feature bright, spacious, comfortable Destination Suites and Junior Suites for your canine pet and quiet duplex condos for our feline guests.  Under the careful love and supervision of our trained pet hotel attendants we ensure all guests are fed promptly, are administered their medications, and are let out several times (at least 4 times) per day for our canine guests to play in the yards at Pebble Beach located exclusively at the PAW SEASONS HOTEL & DAY SPA.  

We invite you to take a tour of our facility by appointment only.  This way, we can dedicate our time effectively to care for our guests who are currently staying with us.

We have an indoor enclosed play area for our feline guests to stretch out and relax.  

Our staff is dedicated to your pet’s health and happiness while at our resort. No other boarding facility offers such individual care and attention.  We do not believe in asking our clients to pay for additional playtime.  We are an all-inclusive facility.  All our animals are given extra love and playtime as part of their stay at our hotel.


The PAW SEASONS HOTEL & DAY SPA contains a state-of-the-art heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system that provides a fresh, healthy atmosphere for all guests in the building. This HVAC system provides our guests with clean air, a comfortable temperature, and a healthy environment.


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