Accommodations for our Canine Guests


Our Hotel Suites are located in the lower level of the facility and are broken up into 3 wings, Park Ave, Madison Ave and Central Park.


All suites have glass panel doors for the feel of openness and classical music piped in throughout the hotel. Kuranda Beds are provided in every suite.


This is the most sanitary bed on the market. Kuranda beds give our guests a soft, dry, off the floor, rest haven they need. Also a towel or sheepskin mat is provided on these beds to keep them extra cozy.


(We do not accept any personal beds, carriers, blankets or towels for sanitary purposes.)


Fresh clean towels are provided throughout the day to all our guests for comfort and cleanliness.


We have 11 Junior Suites. Each Suite measures 5'x3' or 4’x4’.

There is a choice of 6 Large Luxury Suites. Each Suite is 6'x4'.

There are 5 luxurious Destination Suites each with their own flat panel TV of Animal Planet, crystal chandeliers and glass paneled doors.


These are our biggest accommodations, 6’ x 6’, designed with our gentle giants in mind but are happy to book those petite pets with immeasurable mental magnitude when space is available.


Our destinations suites are designed to represent Africa, Paris, Rome, Tahiti and London.


Be sure to request the suite your pet desires on booking your next 4-legged vacation destination.

PRICE LIST: as of March 2019

Destination Suite - $61.00 plus tax per night

Luxury Large Suite - $53.00 plus tax per night

Junior Suite - $48.00 plus tax per night


The following accommodation are on our 2nd Floor (The Tower). It is our quieter area and designed for smaller breeds.


All accommodations have cushioned fleece bedding and fresh towels as well as soothing music.

Small Tower enclosures 30” x 24”. These are designed for our petite guests. Big enough to feel roomy yet small enough to feel safe and comfortable.

Medium Tower enclosures 36” x 24”. Spacious yet cozy for those who like quiet and peaceful moments.

Large Tower enclosures 42” x 24”, perfect for two little ones from the same family or a medium size breed.

PRICE LIST: as of March 2019

Large Tower Enclosure - $43.00 plus tax per night

Medium Tower Enclosure - $40.00 plus tax per night

Small Tower Enclosure - $36.00 plus tax per night


Accommodations for our Feline Guests

Our beautiful feline accommodations are located in the quiet wing of the 2nd floor in a private feline area


. Our feline condos include a two floor duplex with separate bathroom quarters. We can expand your condo to accommodate family’s that have multiple feline friends.


All our guests have individualized playtime in our enclosed living room, with 2 windows, cat trees and a customized catwalk to keep them feeling like royalty. A perfect ultimate home relaxation experience for all our feline guests.

Feline Tower- $32.00 plus tax per night